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An introduction to substations.


Substation frame size?
Generally according to the voltage grade of the design scheme, generally more than 6 meters, 12 meters high.

Substation, the place where the voltage is changed. To do a better job of transmitting the electromagnetic energy from the power station over long distances, the voltage must rise to become direct current, and it must be reduced around the customer. The voltage work of the lift is carried out by the substation. 

The key equipment of substation is power switch and transformer. According to the size of the operation, the small is called substation. Substations exceed substations. Transformer substation: generally step-down transformer substation with voltage grade below 110KV: including step-down transformer substation and step-down transformer substation of various voltage grades. Substation is the power distribution equipment that converts voltage, accepts electromagnetic energy, operates the inflow of power engineering and adjusts voltage in the power supply system, and connects the power network of each voltage through the transformer.

General open layout of 110KV substation, its structure height is about 15 meters, mechanical equipment height is about 3~4 meters. The 110KV substation with closed layout, whose residential building height is about 12 meters, is seldom used in rural areas but widely used in big cities.

How to judge the structure and support of substation?
The structure of substation refers to the load-bearing structure composed of seamless steel pipe or concrete pole with busbar and conductor. Apart from lightning protection grounding, it is generally the largest equipment in the substation. Support refers to the power switch, knife switch, four devices and other equipment support, is generally Angle iron frame structure. Naturally there are some devices that are very likely to sit immediately and basically, there is no stand.

The key difference between the structure and bracket of the transformer is that the front one is the suspension, and the back one is the support point.

Substation key can be divided into: core substation, terminal equipment substation; Transformer substation, blood pressure lowering substation; Power supply system substation, industrial and mining enterprise substation, railway substation (27.5KV, 50HZ); 1000KV, 750KV, 500KV, 330KV, 220KV, 110KV, 66KV, 35KV, 10KV, 6.3KV and other rated voltage substation; 10KV substation; Box substation.

Use good electronic information technology, modern electronic information technology, communication technology and information resources management of substation secondary equipment such as technical (including relay protection device, control, precise measurement, data signal, common fault wave record, protection and telecontrol equipment, etc.) the role of reliability design, rearrange, A comprehensive automation technology that monitors, accurately measures, manipulates and harmonizes the operation of all substation equipment.

From the point of view of practical operation safety, the error prevention management system composed of control error prevention and substation micro-machine error prevention system software can give a strong technical guarantee for the safety of practical operation, but in addition, the reliability and consistency of the whole control management system has clearly put forward higher provisions. 

The single-machine version of traditional micro-machine error prevention system software for substation can not fully meet the current technical standards, and become a link of the lack of reliability in all system software. It has become a key link to improve the reliability of error prevention management system to complete the installation of two machines of the micro-machine error prevention system software in substation.

In advance to discharge standards:controllable discharging lightning rod in advance to discharge
In fact, discharge advanced lightning rod and general lightning rod is essentially the same. The only difference is that the ordinary lightning rod has added the basic feature of "hydrolysis promoting", which enables earlier pilot discharge than the ordinary lightning rod, extending the maintenance cycle by half and improving safety.

The predischarge lightning rod uses the indoor space field strength caused by lightning cloud to hydrolyze the surrounding gas in advance, and the positive ions of the gas are accelerated to approach the lightning cloud under the action of the electrostatic field in the indoor space. As a result, the head leader meets the downward leader of the lightning cloud in advance, which further improves the credibility of lightning.

Discharge lightning rod and advance discharge lightning rod is essentially the same, is changed a name, the basic principle is similar. Deep, the enterprise has been adhering to the "technology professional independent innovation", "sustainable service project" business management concept, to show you the highest quality lightning protection products and solutions.