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What should chimney tower construction pay attention to?


1, The chimney tower construction garden should be clean and tidy, with ventilation steps, and the content of harmful gases should not be higher than the demarcated requirements. Flammable materials used in the anti-corrosion of the chimney tower are strictly prohibited to be stored in the construction site. In general, it is too fine some quiet environment, clean up the scene.

2, Chimney tower settlement site to refrain from smoking, 10 meters within the scope of welding about open fire operations, the construction should accept explosion-proof lighting configuration. Construction operators should take necessary protective equipment, work in turn in the container, and take good ventilation method. To have anti-skid steps, operators should wear a tranquillity belt.

3. When installing the chimney tower and using the high-pressure no-atmosphere spray gun, the spray gun should be grounded to prevent the electrostatic spark from becoming a fire and explosion. If the non-atmosphere spray is configured to work under high pressure, do not put the spray gun hole to the human body and palm, in order to avoid personal injury.

4, Chimney tower anticorrosion construction is completed, when washing things and waste solvent in the container, shall not be dumped at will, should be properly handled punishment. Guard the occurrence of unexpected chaos, things and some construction supplies to be placed in the designated place.

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