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Performance advantages and production requirements of angle steel towers.


What are the main performance advantages of Angle steel towers

With the continuous improvement of Angle steel tower technology, now the characteristics of Angle steel tower remain stable, the advantages are significant:Angle steel tower tower material selection is seamless tube, with little wind load index, but strong impact resistance. With the tower connected with the outer flange, the anchor bolt has strong resistance to drag and is not easy to destroy, and its maintenance cost is greatly reduced. 

With triangular tower design, stainless steel plate consumption is less, the land area is not large, reasonable saving of soil resources, can be more convenient to select and place detailed address. Angle steel tower its own weight is relatively light, can be convenient installation or transportation, engineering construction cycle time is relatively short, this is all the basic advantages of Angle steel tower.

To follow the capitalist countries of Angle steel tower manufacturing processing technology, chose seamless control pillar materials, larger level reduces the Angle steel net weight of the tower, reduces the covers with the manufacturing cost, shipping and also greatly reduce maintenance costs, nowadays in terms of Angle steel tower compared to traditional Chinese Angle steel tower is a further increase in every level features, Customer friends can feel at ease to buy.

Angle steel tower must be installed in accordance with the engineering drawings of outdoor walk line straight ladder and the relative path, if the engineering drawings did not show how to install or for any other reason can't identify installation according to engineering drawing, shall be after building of the enterprise project managers and design staff to discuss the relative path of effective and then to carry out the installation, The changes to be carried out should also be reflected in the plane design drawings of engineering construction, and the engineering drawings should be changed successively.

If the cable rack must immediately connect the cable tower to the three phase five wire port of the main machine room. Shall be the mouth of the three-phase five lines below about 20 centimeters used four expansion screws, for fixed a < 5 to 7 < walk with fixed iron wire frame the same as wide, the other in less than five line of three-phase anchor tower above must also be packed in a wooden block that fixed iron, then the two pieces of walking on shelf fixed iron wire frame. In addition, a fixed bracket shall be used to fix the fixed cable rack in the main machine room of Caigang. If the cable rack exceeds three meters, a fixed bracket shall be installed every three meters.

The cable rack of Angle steel tower should be welded to the coaxial cable lightning protection line on the top of the cable rack, if it is installed on the roof of the reinforcing bar of the grounding device, the two sides of the cable rack must also be welded to the grounding device on the net, and every twelve meters of the welding ground network. Go line wear had better not need often turn, radian also should be above 90 degrees.
After installation, check each anchor bolt of the Angle steel tower, and find that it is loose and reinforce the structure immediately.

What are the requirements of Angle steel tower production?

Power Angle steel tower: The winter climate in North China is cold, especially in many areas where the average temperature is low temperature and snow for a long time. In this extreme geographical environment, the installation and application products of construction projects require integration into the extreme geographical environment and have a certain life span.

The Angle steel used in production and processing must be precise, rust-proof, high corrosion resistance, and the Angle steel must ensure the technical performance at low temperature.

The production and processing of the power tower using high wear resistant steel simplifies the overall structure to a certain extent, reduces the net weight of the prefabricated parts and relatively reduces the capital allocation resources in the transportation process.

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