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Our Service

I. Pre-sales service of the Tower
1. Qingdao Maotong Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. will arrange professional business managers and designers to introduce the standard process and reasonable scheme for approval, introduce the characteristics and general situation of our products about steel towers and transmission towers, and provide users with high-quality and inexpensive products and decision-making information.

2. Technical solutions: Send professional and technical personnel and business personnel to carry out technical exchanges and design customer product layout. After repeated discussions, the two sides finally reached a design that met the customer's requirements. Deliver the goods in strict accordance with the contract, notify the consignee in time after delivery, load the goods in strict accordance with the provisions, safely and timely deliver the goods to the destination designated by customers, and accept customers' consultation on product varieties, specifications, technical characteristics, process standards and main uses at any time.

2. Service sales
1, mau power equipment company in the technology design, optimization design, strives for perfection, close cooperation with design institute, your company, ensure the smooth progress of design work, and actively listen to the requirements of site operation staff, perfect design, such as design institute need to change, use units have special requirements, our factory will fully meet the requirements, And try our best to coordinate good cooperation with all parties.

2, choose domestic accessories manufacturers, not only meet the performance requirements, but also facilitate future maintenance, accessories supply.

3, in the manufacturing process, we fully cooperate with the arrangement of drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance and other stages of work, so that the work before the product delivery can be orderly.

3. After-sales service
1. When the products are sent to users, our factory will send special personnel to unpack and count them together with relevant personnel of your company.

2. Ensure the normal and smooth operation of the products during the installation and debugging of the equipment.

3. Establish contact with maintenance personnel and provide long-term technical support for maintenance and usage to ensure that users' requirements are met.

4. Timely provide steel spare parts to ensure customer satisfaction

(1) Timely reflect user needs;

(2) To provide high-quality and inexpensive products to ensure timely delivery;

(3) Strictly control product quality;

(4) Properly packed to prevent omission and damage.

Preliminary confirmed by my company technical personnel for the company's products quality problem, customer return the product, the final diagnosis for product quality problem, our company bear the freight back and forth, by my company technical staff after preliminary said the company product quality problem, customer return the product, the final diagnosis for product quality problem, our company will bear the freight to return the products to customers, If the goods are returned without the confirmation of our technical staff and business staff, we will not bear any costs.

Note: if there is a problem after sale, we can provide service, but we can not replace the parts caused by damage and improper operation.

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