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Angle steel tower and steel pipe tower difference.


In fact often nowadays social economic level rising, the price factor is naturally consumer CARES aspect ratio of a point, but with the view of trend again propaganda slogans original, more and more consumers for the price is not only one fully considered, the future will eventually entered capacious market of LED lights. 

With the continuous promotion of smart village, the price of LED street lamps is not only a difficulty that must be fully considered, so as to solve the development trend of the spacious sales market of LED street lamps in the future. How to treat the price of LED street lamps and how to blindly follow the crowd price reduction into a war of steel poles and can quickly recover property. If the price of steel pipe tower is not less than the loan interest rate, it is necessary to reduce the price blindly. Otherwise, the price reduction of steel pipe tower can not only quickly gain the market dominance.

The company specializes in the production and processing of transmission line tower poles, steel pipe poles, transformer frames, fiber optic communication system tower poles, and all kinds of large, small and medium-sized steel frames. Has the quality supervision of product quality inspection of quality supervision, general administration of quality supervision awarded the "750 kv transmission line pole production license", "500 kv ring, seamless tube transformer architecture, radio communications tower and bow certificate" and the electric power enterprise pole products quality of product quality inspection management center awarded the "228 kv transformer project steel tube pole certificate ".

Angle steel tower and steel pipe tower difference second, lean production management process. From the precise positioning of products to the development of new products, every link is as far as possible to have a standard implementation of the whole process, to simplify the complex difficulties, to be able to compete with the industry market demand. Third, digital management. 

In fact, it is lean production management, the establishment of precise positioning, the establishment of workflow, and then the introduction of intelligent system management plan, which is the operation of lamppost manufacturers, and then the promotion and marketing momentum of famous brands to show, only then can improve the final dilemma. 

At present, lamppost manufacturers are actively moving to the third and fourth tier market, and the formation of the saying is that "the broad view and about to take", the pace of expanding the new market should not be too fast, we must have careful thinking and detailed development strategy, so as to find the appropriate development future.