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How do I install a lightning Arrester


One: If the arrester is bought by you, you can ask the manufacturer to teach. If it's your cheap one, look at the standard atlas. The weight of arrester is generally 300kg for two saving, 600kg for three saving, 870kg for four saving and 1200kg for five saving. Under normal circumstances, the equipment of arrester is hoisted by carrier vehicles and cranes from foundation construction to tower, which can save labor and time and accelerate the project progress. However, this can only be done if the site environment is good, and the vehicle and crane have access to the equipment site. Then the carrier vehicle and crane can not enter the equipment site, and how to finish the artificial equipment of lightning arrester, this situation in practice many, mountain areas and poor environment can not use the carrier vehicle and crane hoisting construction. Here is how to finish the artificial equipment of arrester.


1. Foundation construction: 1 person for concrete mixing and pouring, 4 people for force work.


2. Manual equipment: one hoisting worker, two framing workers and five manual workers.


3. On-site processing: skilled processing by one person.


Two. Construction things:


1. Foundation construction: two single-wheel or two-wheel concrete trucks, six spades, two picks, one sledgehammer, one iron.


2. Manual equipment: two handboard hoist, 3 minutes of steel wire rope 30 ~ 60 meters a (with the handboard hoist), a ton of fixed pulley two, two steel wire suspension rope lock, 6 minutes of five big rope (each 40 meters), pine pole 4 ~ 6 meters two (diameter 8 ~ 18cm drab not obsolete), eight number of iron wire.


Three. Construction


1. Foundation construction: In general, the foundation of arrester is described according to the number of arrester sections, the foundation is embedded and the depth of the foundation, and then the appropriate things and workers are selected for foundation construction according to the site practice. The concrete health period is more than one week.


2. Artificial equipment: equipment that can be used for lightning arresters after the concrete health period. First of all, the supporting arrester which is suitable for the embedded part of the foundation will be manually transported to the foundation site, and the expert personnel will arrange the construction of the artificial equipment.


Iv. Manual Equipment Method (holding pole method)


1. Preparation and fixation of the holding pole: a ton of fixed pulley is fixed on the top of the pine pole 4-6 meters (holding pole) with No. 8 iron wire, and then the hoist hoist rope is threaded to the fixed pulley. Together with the holding pole, three pulling ropes are tied to the top of the holding pole for the vertical of the holding pole.


2. Hoisting construction arrangement:


A section of lightening tower artificial lifting, by the lifting heavy lifting rope and hand plate hoist fixed, arrange three people (force workers) manage three pull rope adhere to the vertical pole, there are two people (force workers) will be hanging rope in a section of the lightening tower lifting part to prepare for lifting, together with a pull rope used for lifting the lightening tower to adjust the position of the lightening tower. At this time, a section of lightning arrester can be manually lifted, by the hoist control hoist, when a section of lightning arrester is vertical, by adjusting the force to butt the arrester and the foundation to the buried parts, check immediately with the prepared bolts to fix, so far a section of lightning arrester equipment is completed.