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What are the structural characteristics of the monitoring tower


Monitoring tower in the use of survival has a positive effect whether it is anti-theft, communication is still in the forest fire are inseparable from the monitoring tower, now the market is engaged in monitoring tower production of countless companies, in order to monitor the quality of the tower must know its layout characteristics and configuration site needs. Monitoring tower layout features what monitoring tower, skill tower, arrester and other commodities, monitoring tower by tower body, channel, ladder, antenna support and other steel components, and by hot-dip galvanized anticorrosive treatment, tension used for microwave, ultrashort wave, and all kinds of forest protection. International scale rules monitoring tower portrayal need to ensure that the layout is reasonable, the appearance should be handsome, in order to restrain the external environment of the monitoring tower formed corrupt tomb crime, the need to monitor its appearance held hot dip galvanized treatment, can be useful to improve its anti-corruption results, extend the service life.

The monitoring tower made of aluminum alloy data can be used for up to 30 years in the environment without cover. This is an ideal monitoring tower manufacturing data, so that many companies choose aluminum alloy data when creating monitoring tower configuration. In order to ensure that the forest fire can be timely monitoring and reporting the fire, as usual the tower will be 10 meters higher, tension overlooking a wider range. Monitoring tower configuration place how to choose monitoring tower tension is to play a monitoring role, but as usual monitoring tower Settings are in some bili secret local, monitoring tower is decided after the discussion of researchers after the heart to open up, it can not only end the role of monitoring, but also can hold lighting communication and so on, set several subject to one, But in the meantime its greatest obedience is surveillance.