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Design and installation of fire training tower


The training tower is divided into: National standard fire training tower, the armed police training tower, tower of simple training, etc., we have many years of fire training tower production experience, has trained a large number of professional fire training tower production team, combined with the actual needs of all kinds of engineering training tower in the various problems in production for the in-depth research, to form a set of training a complete production process requirements of the tower.

The DESIGN PRINCIPLE OF fire TRAINING TOWER: IT is conducive to combat readiness, professional training, team management, and improving the fire fighting capacity of the team, so as to meet the needs of protecting socialist modernization and people's life and property safety. I plant with reference to the relevant national standards, design and installation of fire training tower. The following is the approximate technical number of some products, for customers to choose the lightning tower type for reference: design wind speed: 32M/S seismic intensity: octave vertical: 1/1000 appropriate temperature: -55 to 55 degrees Celsius grounding resistance: no more than 4 ohms