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Lightning arrester exactly how should undertake maintenance and maintenance?


Maintenance of lightning arrester:

In recent years, due to the continuous deterioration of environmental conditions, lightning-caused transmission line switching faults are increasing, which not only affect the normal operation of equipment, but also affect the daily production and life. However, we also want to carry out regular maintenance, in the arrester maintenance process to do safety.

Lightning is something that can produce great power in an instant. No matter how big the lightning is, if it hits any part of people's body, it will cause certain damage to the body. Moreover, if it hits buildings, not only the buildings will be damaged, but also the workers in them are vulnerable to injury.

In fact, in the process of maintaining the arrester, it is not only the operator who needs to pay attention to safety. Of course, it is necessary to ensure the personal safety of the maintenance personnel, but in addition to the personal safety of the maintenance personnel, pay attention to the safety of the use of this facility after maintenance is also an important aspect.

In THE MAINTENANCE OF SUCH ARRESTER FACILITIES, IN ADDITION TO ENSURING THE SAFETY OF THE MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL AND THE use OF SUCH FACILITIES, attention should also be paid TO the safety situation surrounding such facilities. It is better to secure a certain area around the facility if a small amount of such equipment is used. This can not only save costs, but also make the urban space play more in place.