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Power tower height design


Power tower height design
The height is usually 25-40 meters.
Pylons are mostly built near power plants and distribution stations in the field. As an important facility in the power sector, pylons can overhead wires and play the role of protection and support. The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and quality inspection of power tower are important guarantees for the operation and development of modern power system.
The whole tower is mainly composed of three parts: tower head, tower body and tower leg. If it is a cable tower, it also adds a cable part.
1, tower head
From the tower leg to the tower section changes sharply (out of the repeated broken line) out of the above part of the tower head, if there is no sharp change in the section, then the upper part of the lower chord of the cross arm system is the tower head.
2, tower legs
The section of tower above the foundation is called the tower leg.
3, the tower
The section between the legs and the tower is called the body.