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How to classify the power tower?


According to its shape, it is generally divided into five types: cup type, cat head type, upper font type, dry font type and barrel type. According to its use, it is divided into: tensioning tower, linear tower, corner tower, transposition tower (replacing the phase position tower of the wire), terminal tower and spanning tower.
According to the utility of the tower in the transmission line, it can be divided into linear tower, tension-resistant tower, corner tower, transposition tower, spanning tower, terminal tower.
In the straight segment to set up linear tower, tower, the turning point to set up a corner of the transmission line tower, cross across the content will set higher across the tower, respectively, and on both sides of the impedance of the balanced three wires to set the transposition tower at regular intervals, the transmission lines connected to the substation architecture it should set up the terminal tower.
Extended information
Tower structure: the whole tower is mainly composed of three parts: tower head, tower body and tower leg. If it is a cable tower, a cable section is added.
1, tower head
From the tower leg to the tower section changes sharply (broken line) out of the above part for the tower head, if there is no sharp change in the section, then the lower chord of the lower cross arm above the tower head.
2, tower legs
The first section of the tower above the foundation is called the tower leg
3, the tower

The section between the legs and the tower is called the body