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What is the difference between angle steel tower and steel pipe tower?


The main difference between angle steel tower and steel pipe tower lies in their structure, material, application range and performance characteristics.

Structure and material:

Angle steel tower is mainly composed of angle steel, which is spliced by welding. Its design height is generally about 10-45 meters. The structure is relatively simple, but its ability to bear its own weight is poor.

The tower body of the steel pipe tower is mainly composed of two sections of pipes, the interface is bolted, the design height is generally 20-60 meters, and the wind resistance is strong. The outside of the steel pipe tower is a steel pipe, while the angle steel tower is welded by multiple angle steels.

Application range:

Angle steel towers are often installed indoors or on the top of relatively small buildings, suitable for some high-rise construction sites, bridges, water conservancy and other places.

Steel pipe towers are widely used outdoors, especially in the power, communication and other industries. Because of their large height and strong tensile strength, they are more suitable for occasions with high bearing capacity requirements.

Performance characteristics:

The advantages of angle steel towers are their large overall rigidity, strong bearing capacity and mature technical applications.

Steel tube towers have the characteristics of large conductor capacity, large transmission capacity, simple structure, clear force transmission, beautiful appearance, and good ductility, overload resistance and safety performance. In addition, steel tube towers also show obvious advantages in wind pressure resistance, steel saving, and large structural load.

In summary, angle steel towers and steel tube towers each have their own characteristics and applicable scenarios. Angle steel towers are suitable for indoor or small building tops with their simple structure and strong bearing capacity, while steel tube towers are suitable for outdoor and high-load-bearing occasions with their high bearing capacity and beautiful appearance.

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