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In what construction areas can surveillance towers be used?


Monitoring towers can be seen in many places, such as forests and mountains. The application of monitoring towers in China is to prevent fires, monitor meteorological changes, prevent fires and protect forests. Under normal conditions, the height of the forest monitoring tower is about 20 meters. In addition to monitoring fire, in what construction areas can monitoring towers be used?
In what construction areas can surveillance towers be used?
Especially when the forest monitoring tower has the function of fire monitoring, fire prevention tasks can be organized, fire prevention lines can be arranged, and fire conditions can be monitored. In case of emergency, it is used to direct firefighting operations on the telescope. Easy to install the plane for quadrilateral self-standing or pull wire type. The main body curve is generally polygonal, the internal structure intersects, there is a working platform above, climb ladder, the vision is very open. In schools, plazas and residencies will also be used.
Monitoring tower in social activities more and more prominent, good quality, rust durable, due to the company's production of monitoring tower complete functions, widely used, welcomed by the majority of customers.
Monitoring tower uses and product characteristics:
The structure of the monitoring tower (watch tower) is generally a steel structure tower, which is easy to remove and install. The plane is of a four-sided or drawline form. The body curve is usually of dashed type and the internal structure is of crossed type. The upper part has a work platform or duty room. There are sloping or rotating ladders inside.
Main functions: duty observation, view; Install monitoring.

Features: small size, rich land resources, address location convenient, light weight, easy to transport installation, short time limit for a project cost, the design conforms to the national steel structure design specification and pillar design rules and reliable structure, design wind speed 32 meters/SEC/impact strength 8 degrees, more than 5 meters high, main selected profile: Angle steel, wear and corrosion of steel, etc., heat treatment method.