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The difference between booster station and switch station _ booster station frame.


Boost station is the overall system of changing the charge voltage through, mainly used for boosting, in order to reduce the borrowing of line current, reduce the loss of power for the purpose. The design scope of booster station includes switchgear, transformer, electricity, transmission and transformation frame, lightning protection grounding, control and protection system and earth building, etc.

A switch station is the division of electricity from the grid into several or more substations, which then depressurize it into industrial and domestic electricity. Or power stations for high-voltage transmission. Its function is to distribute high and medium voltage electric energy. Switch stations have switchgear, usually including busbars, but no power transformers.

Structural characteristics of box-type substation:

1, the United States box substation structure: box substation wiring form: one or two 10KV wiring single transformer, capacity generally choose 500KVA~800KVA low-voltage wiring cable 4~6 2, the United States box substation equipment: transformer, 10KV ring switch, 10KV cable plug, low-voltage pile box and other main components. It has the advantages of small size, low cost and convenient installation.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of American box-type substation:

2.1 Advantages: small size, small footprint, convenient installation, convenient camouflage, easy to coordinate with the residential environment. Shorten the length of low voltage cable, reduce circuit loss, reduce the cost of power supply combination.

2.2 Disadvantages: Low reliability of power supply without electric mechanism, no power distribution automation device without capacitor device, is not conducive to reducing line loss noise higher than type III station and Type V station, type III station and Type V station will be placed in the transformer indoor, play the role of sound insulation in addition, In type III station and Type V station, the decomposition of concentrated electromagnetic radiation into multi-point radiation is based on different civil foundation of capacity box variation, so the capacity increment of box variation is changed.