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Introduction to lightning protection towers and their main advantages


1、 Introduction:

Lightning protection towers are mainly used for lightning protection projects in various large buildings. For some refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, warehouses, and flammable and explosive workshops, corresponding lightning protection towers are installed with lightning protection functions. Due to the diversity of climate change, lightning disasters have been increasing in recent years. Therefore, many buildings have installed lightning protection towers to reduce lightning disasters. Lightning protection tower, also known as lightning protection tower or lightning suppression tower, also known as lightning rod tower, steel structure lightning rod, and tower type lightning rod. Lightning protection towers are very common in production and daily life, playing an important role in lightning protection, and are also one of the common direct lightning protection measures in lightning protection engineering in various industries.

2、 Advantages of lightning protection tower products:

The lightning protection tower uses steel pipes as the tower pillar material, with a small wind load coefficient and strong wind resistance. The tower pillars are connected with external flanges, and the bolts are tensioned, which is not easy to damage. The tower pillars are arranged in a triangular shape, saving steel, with a small opening, occupying a small area, and saving land resources. The site selection is convenient, and the tower body has a light weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The construction period is short. The tower type is designed according to the wind load curve, with smooth lines and a sturdy structure. Lightning protection towers are widely used in various types of buildings, such as rooftops, squares, and green spaces in residential areas, to complement each other and become decorative buildings in cities. The principle of lightning towers is the same as lightning rods, reducing lightning disasters. The components of the lightning protection tower should be processed in a factory and assembled on site, with priority given to bolt connections. The connection should be completed as much as possible in the factory. The lightning protection tower components should be treated with hot dip (zinc plating) anti-corrosion treatment. If connected on site, the welding seam should be immediately treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

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