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Specific steps for installing lightning arrester


First, quality inspection according to the standard. Lightning protection works should be timely shade inspection according to the progress of the project. Whether it is natural grounding body, or artificial grounding body, as well as glass curtain wall, lightning arrester grid, lightning arrester, etc. should be timely tested after the construction. Especially after the construction of the grounding body or grounding network is completed, the grounding resistance value should be timely checked to see whether it conforms to the planning rules. The low-voltage distribution connection topography, SPD Settings, device skills, pipeline layout, and shielding methods meet the requirements of the surge protection plan. Check the planning and construction materials, and check whether the SPD equipment orientation, quantity, type standards, and skill parameters are consistent with the planning.

Two, check equipotential welding and other grounding parts before installation of arrester. As for the parts to be equipotential welding and repeated grounding, such as equipment room, transformer and distribution room, fire room, air conditioning room, elevator room, water supply pipe, cooling tower, fan, etc., should be marked on the construction diary for inspection and verification. For the high-rise construction of more than 45 meters, every 3 floors up, lay a 25mm×4mm flat steel and the lead line welding into a ring horizontal lightning protection belt in the layout of the ring beam, or with no less than 2 ring beam main reinforcement welding into a uniform pressure ring. Metal pipes and metal objects laid horizontally in the building should be welded with the lightning protection ground; The bottom and top of a straight vertical metal pipe must be welded with the surge protection ground. In the construction of lightning protection equipotential grounding of glass curtain wall, attention should be paid to the strong welding on the main bar of the column. If it is after the addition of glass curtain wall, it is necessary to contact the construction area and the characteristics of the building, and issue a specific lightning protection construction plan. The lightning protection net of the roof and the lightning rod and metal object on the top of the building shall be welded into a whole.

Three, check the lead point and the welding quality of the cross bar before the installation of the arrester. For the grounding grid with the column reinforcement as the lead wire, construction personnel are required to mark the position of each column and the number of welded steel bars according to the axis to prevent welding leakage or miswelding, and prevent welding length and quality from meeting the requirements of planning standards. The welding quality of lead point and cross-bar should be carefully checked, and the welding lead wire should be located and marked to prevent the grounding stop fault caused by the wrong main bar welding. Especially the layout change layer, because of the adjustment of the column reinforcement, lightning protection lead line is easy to misweld and miss welding when welding the main reinforcement in the column, repeated verification should be carried out.

Four, before the installation of lightning arrester strict control of material quality, to ensure the quality of welding. One is to check the material three certificates, two is to see the material standard, three is to check in the construction is not the use of planning and standard rules of galvanized materials. Lightning protection engineering construction is mainly welding, welding quality determines the quality of the project. The lightning protection grounding operation is carried out by the personnel who do not pass the welding skills. The unqualified lightning protection project occurs from time to time. The qualification level of the lightning protection construction force and the qualification certificate of the construction personnel should be reviewed strictly.

Five, check ground grounding welding. Grounding welding is the first step in grounding construction. Regarding the welding of the root ring beam or the welding of the pile reinforcement and the root reinforcement, the welding of the root reinforcement and the column reinforcement, we should strictly check one by one according to the root diagram and the address, especially to recognize whether the root reinforcement at the expansion joint is cross-connected. Grounding resistance test should be carried out as soon as possible after the whole grounding grid is welded to see if it meets the planning requirements.