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Power steel rod manufacturers to explain to you, how it should rust.


We know that electric steel rod, due to technical development faster and faster now, for the traditional electric steel rod has a new alternative products, now the electric steel rod is basically height is higher, generally used in high voltage electric pole, generally not to peripheral leakage, not electricity to the steel rod around the crowd, see below how to cleaning it.

Anticorrosion coating is a common and common method to solve the anticorrosion of electric power steel rod at present. It not only has good effect and low price, but also has many varieties of coating, a wide range of choice and strong adaptability. It is not limited by the shape and size of components, and it is easy to use and suitable for site construction. 

But the durability is poor, need to be maintained in a certain period, with chemical oxidation treatment of power steel rod protection, such as phosphating treatment, that steel immersed in the phosphating solution containing ferric hydrogen phosphate and manganese hydrogen phosphate, the formation of insoluble ferric and manganese phosphate protective film; Using metal coating protection, such as electroplating or hot dip galvanizing method; Metal protective layer.